1. Don't spam. It makes a lot of trouble, not only for users, but for the spammer. It wastes time and space, and doesn't look pretty.
  2. Only RP your characters. I don't want you to cause drama about it.
  3. Do not god-mod, power-play or meta-game. Basically, you can say you aimed for a cat, but they decide if it hits, and if it does, the severity of it. Your cat cannot know things magically. Your characters have to witness it or be told about it.
  4. Normal cats please. No pink cats with green wings and piercings. They cannot use technology either. Or shoot lazers out of their eyes. Or have unicorns (Sorry Steve D: )
  5. Keep it suitable for kids please. No detailed mating, birthing, fighting, deaths etc. Nobody has your twisted mind.
  6. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. This means your cat cannot have a horrible history but be perfectly happy and loved by everyone. Or vice versa (have a happy, perfect history and be devillish and horrid)
  7. No swearing please! Warriors swears only.
  8. If you don't RP at all for two weeks you will be warned about your character deletion. They will then be deleted a week later.
  9. Have fun!


No questions yet!

Important LinksEdit

Clan History - Informs you on how BlossomClan was formed and major events from them to now.

Clan Information - Such as where they live, what they eat, traditions etc.

Joining Page - Write out your cat's information using the form.

Cats - Cats in BlossomClan and those outside.

BlossomClan Camp - Where you can find a roleplayer usually.