We Are Open!

That's right! BlossomClan is open to anyone who wishes to join! Please, don't hesitate!

Welcome, traveller...


Hello traveller.

My name is Cherrystar.

I am the Leader of BlossomClan.

We are a Clan filled with spirit, grace, and wisdom.

These lands are filled with beauty, but such places are only seen to those in BlossomClan.

I can see you have many questions, so it's best to follow me to my Clan. You must join us to know such things.

If you come with me, join BlossomClan and become a true Warrior, you will discover the true power of this beautiful, secret land.

StarClan awaits.


Welcome to BlossomClan! Where the lands are beautiful, but hidden and secretive. This is some main pages you need to read and check out!

BlossomClan Camp

Sacred Blossom

Centre Stone

Star Falls


Joining Page


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